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I have been a journaler my entire life, but it never occurred to me that you could make money being a writer, because frankly...writers are mostly insane you know?

But, it wasn't the money, it was the adventure of never knowing what story I'd get to be a part of me that got me excited about writing. So here I am now, turning the art of blogging into a business for Browna and colored women everywhere. 



I was five years old when I decided that I was going to have to have an interesting life if I was going to be a writer. Decisions are how I made it through this far in life, making a decision to survive, making a decision to write. Making the decision to exist in spite of other people telling me I didn't know how to exist, or worse, didn't deserve to.

My Story

What Are You Afraid Of?

This was a question that I never asked myself before because I knew what I was afraid of. Public humiliation, abuse, more trauma, fear, anything one little Brown girl could be afraid of I was. It was only as I got older that I stopped being afraid of fear and started embracing it. That isn't to say that I don't have fears, but if you know my story you know I've survived things worse than death. If you don't know my story, you don't want to know my story.

Content Creator

It is hard to imagine what a content creator does unless you do it, but you know all those blog posts you read? Podcasts, artwork online? All content you consume that I contribute to creating.

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Growing up I didn't know how to talk to people the way that everyone else did. Now I get to talk to people like me from all over the world. This is the best part of Staying Lifted - I have Sistas on every continent. 



I didn't think I could be an artist, because I couldn't learn the way the other kids could. To follow the lines and draw inside them didn't seem right to me back then or now. I am a digital layer artist. Everything I do is unintentional and by accident and absolutely worth it. 

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