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A Lifetime of Creations

When I was in 6th grade we had an art teacher who wanted to teach us perspective drawing. The problem was I couldn't get my fingers to move the way she instructed me to move them. It would take almost 30 years for the technology to get to where I could use it to create art the way that I love to create art. 

Digital design, blogging, podcasting, writing books, all of these crafts are a kind of art, and I had no idea they were coming. Now that they're here I am able to use all my talents, and the people, places, and things that inspire me, to create beautiful art in ways other people are just discovering. 

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Devon J Hall will be the first to tell you they are surprised they became an artist, but also not really. 

Art is all about doing what you're told not to do. Brown girls are quiet, they don't wear red lipstick, and they keep to themselves. 

Devon Breaks all the rules, because why not?

"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"



Devon J Hall

Devon J Hall is a 30-something artist turned digital Foundational Architect that teaches Brown women and Women of color the importance of telling their own stories.


Services And Experience

Devon has more than 15 years of experience working with people living below the poverty line, thanks to her work in the church community, and over five years studying the cannabis plant, both theoretically and literally on herself and through

All together Devon J Hall has 20 years of online blogging experience.


This makes them uniquely qualified as Mental Health Content Creators and Cannabis advocates as well as digital architects.

Devon offers services in the following areas:

 - Blog Writing

 - Website Design

 - Consultation

 - Public Speaking

In Addition, Devon can speak on the following topics:

-Mental Health






Devon J Hall started Loud Mouth Brown Girl after a harrowing journey to Winnipeg Canada, which ended with Devon being arrested for no other reason than being caught having a panic attack on an airplane. 

The trip home took three days on the bus, forty-five minutes on a train, and a long five years of writing, self-discovery, and realizations that taught Devon there was much more to her story than she could have ever imagined. Now five years later it's one of the most recognizable social media mental health brands in the world. 

Coming home Devon saw the world with new eyes and started using cannabis almost instantly to deal with the stress. Five years she's Canada's first ever Black Certified Cannabis Coach. 

Stay Lifted Sis

Even When You're Down, Lift Your Head And Give Em' Hell

Stay Lifted Sis is a 1-hour podcast devoted to women and men coming together with non-binary and beautiful folks from around the world to talk about how they stay lifted when everything seems like it's calling apart. 18+ with a trigger warning, this show is not your grandmother's mental health show. Or maybe she was bad ass and it absolutely is, you'll never know until you listen. 

Stay Lifted Sis Podcast Image, Woman surounded by light and sparkles

Support Shop

The Six oh Four North Support Shop is a dream of Devon's longtime coming. Supporting the idea that Whalley was the first district of Surrey, 604N celebrates Whalley's rich artistic history with one-of-a-kind designs that stay online for a short period of time before they vanish forever. 

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About Me.

Devon J Hall spent fifteen years working at Surry Urban Mission Society, on the front lines of economic devastation, and extreme poverty. Firsthand, Devon saw overdoses, addiction disorder, and mental health issues that went undiagnosed for too long for any diagnosis to be much help for folks in their later years. 

Between that and being open and upfront with their own mental health issues, Devon is in a unique position to speak to what it's like to work with folks living in poverty while being a person who lives in poverty while trying to help other folks. 

Devon's advocacy work has changed lives, brought people home to recovery, and given folks a second chance at new realities if they are willing to do the work to move forward after devastation due to traumatic events. Devon is a healer, and though they hate that word, it's a responsibility that they take incredibly seriously, knowing their voice carries weight with some folks, they choose to use that voice wisely and precisely. 

Devon has worked with children, youth at risk, nurses, doctors, teachers, and other community leaders to make real impacts in her local community and they are very excited to see what the future has to offer. 

Education and Professional Biography

In the early 2000s Devon was a proud Pathfinder Youth Center Society participant where they learned the importance of teamwork and leadership. 

At 22 Devon started volunteering at Surrey Urban Mission society where they worked their way up from cleaning toilets to cooking dinners for Extreme Wet Weather Shelter nights. Devon worked at SUMS for 15 years before leaving to volunteer at CJSF radio in 2017, before transitioning into the Loud Mouth Brown Girl in 2018 where they have worked for the last five years. 

In 2020 Devon released their first book Uncomfortable, which is a collection of essays from the perspective of a low-income mixed-race Black woman living in Canada with mental health issues. 

In 2021 Devon participated in the Surrey Shares Program which granted them the gift of being a part of Surrey Share's first book due in the spring of 2023. 

Devon also became Canada's first-ever mixed-race Creole Certified Cannabis Coach through by taking Dr. Sulak's Cannabis course. This ignited a passion for the medication of Cannabis and convinced Devon that "professional Stoner" is the perfect job description for Devon J Hall. 

Devon wrote their second book Uncomfortable II: Fundamental Foundations for Mental Health Content Creators, a mix of journaling activities for those who want to learn to share their own stories online, in 2022 and released it in the summer. 

Devon will be the first to tell you that all of her/their education comes from working on the front lines, and it is one of the best educations a human cannot pay for. 


In the Beginning

Devon was just a girl with a dream. But the more exclusive the publishing world became, the harder it seemed to make those dreams come true. Devon found a different way by showing the world who she was through their words, even though they were raised to be a victim, they became a weapon. Devon found that choosing the pen over the sword saved their life, and possibly the lives of those she cared about by giving themself a different path to a new possible future. 


Devon has come to understand the importance of intersectionality through their work with themself and others. The LGBTQ2S+ community has welcomed Devon with open arms and has given them the freedom to choose she/they/them as pronouns in an effort to better understand her place in the world. 

Devon believes every human deserves to be happy, fed, housed, and protected, regardless of race, creed, nationality, orientation, size, or color. Devon also believes folks have the right to define themselves in whatever way makes them feel most safe and comfortable. 

Stephen Coghlan, Writer

Because her blunt words, ability to speak the truth and heartfelt emotion struck me right in the chest.

Dr. Ashley Perkins, Pharm.D.

Pharmacist and Mental Health Advocate

We Matter Too, Inc.

She will not hold back and this is what I respect about her most, her ability to stay true to herself always while raising awareness.

Devon J Hall

I Don't Want To Speak for Others, I Want Others To Speak For Themselves, I Just Show Them How

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I understand the new desire to start a blog, but are you creating a blog? Or setting the foundation for a future Brand? Capital B as in Badass! If this is what you want book a free consultation today!

Grow Your Vision

Devon has more than 20 years being an online blogger. Any questions you have Devon has a solution for them. Book a chance to meet Devon in Person by reaching out by email and let Devon know you want to transform your Blogging Career. 

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